Polly Oberosler

District 6

Polly was elected to the Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) Board on June 26, 2018. Polly has previously been our vice president. She currently serves on the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee, the Financial Goals Committee, the Technology Committee, the Board Policy, Rules and Regulations, and Bylaws Committee, and the Scholarship Committee. Polly is the alternate representative for GCEA for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the Cooperative Finance Corporation.

Polly has earned the Credentialed Cooperative Director certification from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Polly was born in Gunnison and raised in Almont on her mother's family's resort established around 1910. Growing up she worked at the resort as well as putting up hay, irrigating, and outfitting. She has served the community as a member of the Gunnison Valley Health Board of Trustees and on the Gunnison Sage-grouse strategic committee. She was the Sponsorship Chair on the Cattlemen’s Days committee for 12 years. Polly has also served in a cooperative community manner on the Mountain Roots Board and the Gunnison County Trails Commission.

After attending Western and UNC, Polly worked as a ski lift mechanic at CBMR and then a ski and bike mechanic at Crested Butte Sports for 20 years. After 30 years in Mt. Crested Butte, she and Dave moved to Doyleville where they raise horses, pigs, and hay. Polly worked and volunteered for the US Forest Service as a Wilderness Ranger for over 20 years. She also writes for the Crested Butte Magazine and has a column, “Grazing the Tomichi” in the Crested Butte News.