PowerWise Pledge™

GCEA is leading the way in the transition to cleaner sources and uses of energy.

What is the PowerWise Pledge™?

Taking the PowerWise Pledge™ will show your financial commitment to supporting GCEA’s efforts to “green the grid” through local renewable projects and by seeking to electrify where possible through beneficial electrification. 

When you have a purchase choice, consider all the benefits of choosing electric over a fossil fuel source such as propane, natural gas, or gasoline.  When you choose to electrify and there are benefits to the environment and you as the consumer, we call it “beneficial electrification.”

Participation Options

On March 1, 2022, all GCEA members were automatically enrolled in the PowerWise Pledge™ and $1 was added to their bill.  We welcome members to opt-out at any time of the program. 

OPT-UP – If you’d like to contribute more, you may add any monthly amount to your bill.

OPT-OUT – If you’d like to waive your participation in the PowerWise Pledge™, you may do so at any time.

PowerWise™ Pledge Rebates

GCEA is excited to offer our members several new and enhanced Beneficial Electrification rebate opportunities made possible through member participation in the PowerWise Pledge™ program. The new rebate offers fall into four main categories: transportation, household appliances, home heating and home batteries. Learn more about PowerWise™ Pledge rebate here.

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