PowerWise Pledge™

GCEA is leading the way in the transition to cleaner sources and uses of energy.

Maintaining Reliability & Affordability

We are working to decarbonize energy resources while maintaining a dependable grid and keeping costs reasonable.

Developing Renewable Energy Solutions

We are seeking new technologies and creative solutions to help us cost-effectively develop local renewable energy projects.

Embracing Community Collaboration

We are working collectively with state and local leaders on goals and solutions for reducing carbon emissions.

We Need Your Help To Reduce Carbon Emissions. 

Make the Choice. Take the Pledge. Be PowerWise.

What is the PowerWise Pledge™?

Taking the PowerWise Pledge™ will show your financial commitment to supporting GCEA’s efforts to “green the grid” through local renewable projects and by seeking to electrify where possible through beneficial electrification. 

When you have a purchase choice, consider all the benefits of choosing electric over a fossil fuel source such as propane, natural gas, or gasoline.  When you choose to electrify and there are benefits to the environment and you as the consumer, we call it “beneficial electrification.”

Participation Options

Starting January 1, 2022, GCEA invites members to take the PowerWise Pledge™ and help support local efforts to reduce harmful carbon emissions.

On March 1, 2022, all GCEA members who have not made their choice early will be automatically enrolled in the PowerWise Pledge™ and $1 will be added to their bill.  We welcome early participation or opt-out of the program and are happy to answer questions. 

OPT-IN – $1 per month will be added to your GCEA bill in support of reducing carbon emissions through beneficial electrification and the development of local renewable energy projects.

OPT-UP – If you’d like to contribute more, you may add any monthly amount to your bill.

OPT-OUT – If you’d like to waive your participation in the PowerWise Pledge™, you may do so at any time.

PowerWise Pledge™ Form

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