Electric Education

GCEA Wants to Teach Your Group About Electricity

Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) aims to educate our members and the community about where their electricity comes from and how to use it responsibly. GCEA has developed electric safety and efficiency programs suitable for all residents in our community. Programs are available for children in our schools, local civic groups, EMS, fire, and law enforcement. These programs are free of charge, and all are encouraged to take advantage.

Call GCEA at (970) 641-3520 to schedule your electric education presentation. Descriptions of the presentations are below.

Teaching About Electricity

  • Electricity 101 – discussion on how electricity is generated and distributed, and how to use it safely.  A “show and tell” of linemen gear, demonstration of a “human atom,” demonstration of a “human electric circuit,” and other fun, interactive activities are part of the presentation.  (30-45 minutes)
  • Energy Efficiency – discussion on the difference between renewable vs. non-renewable energy sources and how to conserve and be more efficient with electric usage.  A demonstration of GCEA’s electric vehicles is included in the presentation.  (30-45 minutes)
  • Arbor Day – discussion on how Arbor Day began and why trees are so important to our environment and promoting energy efficiency.  Typically presented to 4th-grade students who are presented with a tree seedling and class certificate for participation.  (20-30 minutes)

High Voltage Demonstration Trailer

GCEA has a high voltage demonstration trailer that can be used as an educational tool to show just how dangerous it may be to come into contact with high voltage wires. If your classroom or community group would like to see a live exhibition that will teach safety while making a lasting impression, call GCEA at (970) 641-3520 to schedule a free demonstration.