Join the hundreds of GCEA members who have made their PowerWise Pledge™ early

In January, PowerWise Pledge™ was launched as a brand-new effort to involve Gunnison County Electric Association members in taking climate action. This program came as a direct result of a member survey conducted in the fall of 2021. With 63% of respondents indicating they would be willing to pay $1 or more on their monthly GCEA bill to support climate action, the GCEA Board of Directors recognized it was time to facilitate action through an opt-out program.

Funds collected through PowerWise Pledge™ will allow GCEA staff to pursue the development of local renewable energy projects. These projects are costly and are not adequately covered through current GCEA rates. Pledging as little as $1 per month through PowerWise Pledge™ will help make these projects a reality and leverage the 7% allowance for local renewable generation under our Tri-State Generation & Transmission contract.

On March 1, 2022, all GCEA members who have not made their choice early will be automatically enrolled in PowerWise Pledge™ and $1 will be added to their electric bill. We welcome early participation or opting out of the program and are happy to answer questions. Please call 970-641-3520 or visit PowerWise Pledge™ for more information.

☀Visit PowerWise Pledge™ to learn details and to opt-in early!

☀Please note that GCEA members may OPT-OUT of PowerWise Pledge™ at any time by calling (970) 641-3520 or visiting PowerWise Pledge™.