December 2022 Flash Rebate

DECEMBER FLASH REBATE!! During the month of December, GCEA is offering extra savings with a flash rebate on select outdoor power equipment.


Appliance Rebates

Induction Range Stove


  • $100 per unit for electric-to-induction replacements
  • $350 per unit for gas-to-induction replacement or new construction
  • Additional 25% off the purchase price up to $150 for gas-to-induction replacement/new construction


  • Induction cooktops/range measuring 30” or larger
  • Replacement of gas units with induction requires verification of old gas cooktop/range. Photographs of the old unit are sufficient.
  • Itemized receipt for induction cooktop/range purchase
  • Does not have to be ENERGY STAR® at this time
Electric Clothes Dryers


  • $30 for new ENERGY STAR® rated electric appliance
  • $90 for new ENERGY STAR® electric hybrid heat pump appliance
Clothes Washers


  • Top Load Clothes Washers - $50 for new ENERGY STAR® rated appliance
  • Front Load Clothes Washers - $60 for new ENERGY STAR® rated appliance
Refrigerators or Freezers

Full size only


  • $50 for new ENERGY STAR® rated appliance
  • $60 for proper recycling of old appliance (limit of two recycles per member per year)

Recycling may be provided by the company that delivers the appliance; typically a "Haul Away" fee is listed separately on the receipt and provides proof of recycling. Appliances may also be delivered to the Gunnison Valley Dump or another disposal center, and a receipt from one of these centers also normally provides proof of recycling.