Green Power Program

The Green Power Program provides a way for members to support renewable energy. You can offset your energy consumption by purchasing the renewable attributes of wind energy produced in eastern Colorado.

Renewable Energy Credits

  • Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) will purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) to cover 100% of your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.
  • An additional 30% is renewable energy already in Tri-State Generation & Transmission’s energy portfolio.
  • Your participation sends a message to Tri-State that renewable energy is important to our members and you want more of it.

When you subscribe to RECs through the Green Power Program, the amount charged is for the renewable attribute and is in addition to the retail rate you pay for electricity.

To better understand RECs, please watch this RECs: Making Green Power Possible video on YouTube and learn the details of our Green Power Program by visiting our Renewable Energy Certificates & the Local Renewable Project Development Fund article.


  • 12 cents per 100 kWh used


To sign up for the Green Power Program, please fill out our online form on our Renewable Energy Programs page or call (970) 641-3520 to speak to our energy use advisor.