Peak Time Perks

peak time perks: beat the peak and save money. house with mountains in distanceDid you know that saving money on your electric bill can be as simple as changing a few habits? Moving your electric usage away from peak time hours when electricity is most expensive could save you money. And, when you use energy off-peak, you are tapping into renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Good for your wallet and good for the environment!

Pilot Program

Peak Time Perks is a pilot program for residential Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) members to experience what life would be like on our time-of-use (TOU) rate.

Think you could do laundry on Sunday rather than Monday night? Peak Time Perks is for you! What about cooking with a crockpot during the day rather than cooking in your electric oven or cooktop in the evening? Peak Time Perks is for you!

The perk of the program is for you to see your positive lifestyle changes and potentially be rewarded with a bill credit afterward.

Details & Eligibility

  • The program will run through December 31, 2021
  • Member may not be a net-metered account or participating in our community solar program

Simply fill out the online application form, and a GCEA representative will contact you to confirm your spot in the program.

Usage Review

Your GCEA billing rate will not change to TOU, but your usage will be reviewed each month to see if you would have saved money on the TOU rate.

  • If there are savings, you will receive a bill credit on the next month’s bill
  • If not, there is no cost or penalty to you as a participant
  • Participants will receive monthly coaching and feedback after participating in a survey to help us know your lifestyle changes to move usage off-peak.

So, what are you waiting for? Beat the peak and save money by applying for Peak Time Perks today!


If you have questions about Peak Time Perks, contact our Energy Use Advisor at (970) 641-7319.

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