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“The bolt was SO MUCH fun to drive, I couldn’t get over the instantaneous acceleration, even going up over mountain passes. I was hesitant that the little bolt would fit everything that I needed for the weekend trip to Salida, but it held my mountain bike, backpack, inflatable paddleboard, cooler, and bags of clothes and food just fine! I was impressed by the range and the availability of charging stations even in our little mountain towns.  I did have some “range anxiety” and anticipate that with continued use you become familiar and comfortable with the actual range you can expect from your vehicle in varying conditions. I’d definitely consider buying an EV after my test drive experience, especially as the availability of charging stations spreads and the grid transitions to more renewable energy.”



“We loved driving the Chevy Bolt EV. It was quiet, easy to drive and maneuver, and quick to get up to speed. It was also easy to charge in Gunnison and CB. We have been considering an EV much more since driving the Bolt and are more likely to purchase one than before our test week. Thanks so much for your great customer service!”


Bolt Loan – Jeff Westling

Jeff Westlin next to EV“The car was impressive with quick acceleration and a nice change from the noise of my diesel truck. I think the EV would be great as a second vehicle. I think we pushed the range limits with our travel locations. Was nice to be aware of all the towns with charging stations. Was great to have the EV when crawling in city traffic. I think either PHEV or a longer range would be more suitable for my needs. The test drive program definitely clears up some thoughts I had about EV’s. Looking forward to seeinging more car models switching over to electric motors.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Chris McCabe

“Much more power than I expected. It was fine going up inclines, but it was tough figuring out how to change gears at first; had to re-watch your video. While it was more powerful than expected, the Bolt isn’t really cut out for Gunnison County’s rugged terrain/roads and cold, snowy winters. Seems like it’s mostly meant for short trips around town. Kind of wondered what happens if one runs out of juice in the middle of nowhere. I imagine the technology will keep advancing and address these shortcomings. I’ve thought for a while that the car we have now will probably be the last one we own with a straight-up internal combustion engine. A hybrid might offer more flexibility than a totally electric car. Great program; we had fun with it.”

EV Bolt Loan – Samantha Castillo

Samantha Castillo in an EV“My first reaction when driving the Bolt was wow, so comfortable and quiet! I can honestly say I would buy an electric vehicle in a heartbeat after the EV test drive experience! I think electric vehicles are the future of automobiles, especially because of the comparison to fuel pollution, cost, and waste. I found it very helpful to have the tutorial video to reference while test driving the Bolt. It was also assuring to be in direct contact with Alliy in case of any problems. Thank you!!”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Shawn MacRae

“My first reaction to the car was how smooth, quiet, and powerful it was. It truly was a joy to drive! Being able to charge at the job site each day made it easy to “fuel up”. I was more than happy about the range and space the car has. Easy to fit in the commuting life! I’ve always been interested in electric vehicles and would have no problems purchasing one, though I will probably wait for the electric pickup to hit the market due to my job. I only wish that I could hang onto the Bolt for good!”

Chevy Bolt Loan – John & Julie Kraft

EV parked at charging station“We traveled south to Creede, Pagosa Springs, and finally to Chama, and loved driving the Bolt! The electric motor makes traveling the passes effortless and we witnessed dozens of miles recharged as went traveled downhill.

The secret to long-distance travel is the high-speed DC fast charger. We used the one in Pagosa Springs three times. While there we went and got food and ate at the nearby picnic table while the Bolt recharged. On the return trip, we stopped at Creede to top off the charge to 80% using the DC fast charger there – 9 (wow!) minutes later we were back on the road.

I believe Level 2 chargers used at one’s home are ideal for keeping the vehicle charged for trips doable within the range of the battery pack, but are not fast enough for long trips unless you are willing to stop for an overnight charge every few hundred miles. The DC fast charger is a game-changer for making an electric car practical for long trips. That was a real eye-opener to Julie and me.”

Check out John and Julie’s blog for more details on their trip and some breathtaking photos!

Chevy Bolt Loan – Jim Dean

“This is a real car! Solid, good acceleration, handling, good road feeling, and quiet. I am 6’3” and had plenty of leg room. My wife is 5’4” and found a comfortable driving position. It would be a good second car. Plenty of battery for driving around the valley. Still hesitant to use it for cross-country driving. A DC charging network would have to be more comprehensive, the range would have to be about double. I would definitely consider an electric vehicle when we are ready to buy a car. There are a lot of new models coming on line in the next couple of years. The program is well thought out and ran very smoothly. For us, three days was probably enough. We are retired and there are days we don’t drive every day.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Perry Solheim

EV driving down road at sunrise“Driving the Bolt was fun, fun, fun with major passing speed and acceleration. Charging was not as easy as I expected. Using a regular outlet is not a feasible option for regular charging. Tesla charge stations are NOT universal, so plan accordingly. Mountain driving is not considered in the remaining mileage estimates the car calculates. If driving in mountains cross-country, careful planning for charging is required. I will definitely consider purchasing an EV, but not a Tesla. I don’t appreciate the proprietary charging stations. The GCEA EV test drive experience is a great program. Everyone should try it out. I am 6’5” 280 lbs and didn’t expect to be comfortable in such a small car but it is really big inside, plenty of leg room, and fantastic visibility. If/when I buy an all-electric, I will install a charging station at home.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Jen Hawley

EV with mountains in the distance“My first reaction to the Bolt was “man, this has some get up and go!!” I’ve never driven a car that was so responsive and quiet!! Such a blast!! It was such a joy to drive and it felt good that I wasn’t adding to our already polluted environment! It was so fun zipping around town! I’m more inclined to want to purchase an electric car now. I’m still nervous to have it as our main car because of winter. We don’t have a garage and road trips would make me nervous too. I could see us purchasing an electric company car in the next few years for everyday errands and short trips. My 12-year-old was really impressed. She’s already saving up for a Tesla. Thank you GCEA! We so enjoyed our week!!!”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Michael Bacani

young boy next to EV“I was pleasantly surprised by the power of the Bolt. I always assumed an electric car would struggle driving up the mountain to my home, but it did better than my gas-powered car. Driving the Bolt for the week completely changed my perceptions of electric vehicles. They have a lot of pep, smooth acceleration, and are as comfortable as driving a traditional car. I was pleasantly surprised at the convenience of charging the car. There are charging stations right next to a couple of my son’s activities, so could charge while waiting for him if needed. Charging at home was a breeze as well. The mileage on one charge is so great, that I could have made it through most of the week without charging it, however, I wanted to test out charging it at home and away. My wife and I are both much more likely to purchase an electric vehicle now. In fact, we have begun researching SUV EV’s.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Suzanne Hadley

“I Loved the great acceleration! It was a nice, smooth ride. And we got to try it out in the snow – and it did well with the front-wheel drive and snow tires. It was very comfortable and had more bells & whistles than I thought it would. I did realize that we will need to figure out a regular charging routine if we buy an electric vehicle. Think I would get a dedicated outlet for it installed in my garage. The snow did build up in the wheel wells – they are a little tight – so one would need to clear those out regularly in the winter, but that happens with a lot of gasoline models also. I was already considering an EV the next time we buy a car but now I am definitely considering it and probably will buy an EV next.

The only negative about EV’s right now for our family is that I feel like we will always need something bigger for long road trips, camping, and sports trips where we are bringing other kids and their gear with us. A roof rack would work sometimes, but I feel like in Crested Butte an EV is a great car in a 2+ car household. It could be the best car for every day, less cargo-intensive trips. I understand that Tesla is coming out with an electric truck – that could be a big hit here.

Thank you so much for letting me test-drive the Bolt. I really enjoyed driving it and the timing was perfect.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Janna Hansen

“So many things were going through my mind including how different it felt from a gas-powered car. It feels so much more technologically advanced and is incredibly quiet and smooth. Somehow it feels more peaceful to drive. I just keep scheming about how we can buy one when it’s time to replace our Subaru! We live up high in CB South and the roads are icy and snow-packed all winter. The Bolt handled the roads better than our Subaru with studded snow tires. The low center of gravity, weight, and power distribution to the wheels makes EVs great winter driving cars.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Andi Goodnough

EV charging“I am Wow-d that the car was charged by electricity, and how cutting edge this is. Also hopeful for our future and the reality of the wave of the future. My family felt like we could really go to the EV place when we consider future car purchasing.
We are more likely to consider purchasing an electric vehicle now than we were before!! Lastly, very informative and resources at my figure tips (well Alliy at my finger tips)- offering helpful hints to create ease for travel. I could really feel her excitement about EV and she has a true talent in sharing it. I even saw the local police demoing a Tesla and to share excitement at a charging station was fun. I also had less guilt about starting up this car. It even got a true test when I went to my workout class at 5:45 in negative 20-degree weather. This is experience was fun and being somewhat of a billboard was entertaining also.””

Chevy Bolt Loan – John Carter

parked EV“I had the loaner EV for a week in January to purposely test the winter driving performance. While some range is sacrificed for heat and maintaining battery temperature, I found the range sufficient for all my daily driving needs.

Driving an EV requires you to create a few different habits and be mindful in different ways than when driving an ICE automobile. (i.e. where to park so you can charge while running errands, not running the heat as high to conserve the battery, anticipating range needed for the days driving). These are all things that would become second nature with more EV experience. One of the coolest aspects, IMO, is the regenerative braking. The EV captures energy when you brake or coast downhill. This is wasted energy in an ICE auto! Another nice feature is that one does not need to wait for the engine to warm up, cabin heat is instant. In fact, you can warm the car up while it is plugged in still sitting in the garage, consequently conserving the battery.

My first reaction of the car was Whoa! The electric torque is impressive, snappy! There is no delay in acceleration.

Like many people, I had some unfounded fears about driving an EV. (Won’t the battery just die, leaving me stranded on the side of the road!) It is a funny thing, but we don’t worry about this in our ICE autos. Sure it happens, but we understand the inner workings and know how to handle situations involving “car trouble”. Much of this is because of our comfort with ICE autos and the infrastructure in place. As EV charging stations, EV mechanics and EV roadside assistance become ubiquitous within our cities and towns this fear will subside in many.

An EV such as the Bolt did not meet all of my driving needs during the week. It stayed in the garage after an 8” snowstorm. Nothing to do with the EV aspect, but because of the low ground clearance and front-wheel drive. I would definitely purchase an EV as a second car; it would meet ninety percent of my driving needs. As soon as there is a viable electric truck on the market, it would be my first choice when purchasing a new truck.

Thanks GCEA!”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Rebecca Gorrell

“I really enjoyed how quiet it was, and how peppy! Also, this particular model had great windows/visibility, and I loved that. One thing I love knowing is that I’m not participating (or at least so much) in all the damage fossil fuels are doing to our world. Couple EV’s with renewable energy sources, and we could make some headway on leaving our planet inhabitable for our grandchildren! I do think that EV’s are pretty early on the development curve, and I look forward to seeing the improvements in battery life and fueling stations in the next few years. Given our cold climate, and how long my drives frequently are, the battery life (especially as compromised by cold temps) will keep me out of the market for a Bolt for now, but I’m much more enthusiastic about looking into plug-in hybrids now, after experiencing the Bolt. Using this car for a week has helped me to imagine myself as a driver of a primary-electric car, and I’m thankful for the experience.

This is a terrific program! Thanks so much. I enjoyed bopping around town advertising for it.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Mike & Mary Larson

“We loved the Chevy Bolt! It was a great experience. We were immediately surprised with the power and zip it had. We tested it in the winter purposefully because we wanted to see how it did in the cold weather. The cold wasn’t an issue, and we don’t have a garage, so it was left outside at night in negative temperatures. We are definitely interested in purchasing an electric vehicle in the future.”

-Owners of Mikey’s Pizza in Crested Butte

Bob Wojtko standing next to EVChevy Bolt Loan – Bob Wojitko

“Good city car, daily commute, heated steering wheel! A+++ I would be more likely to purchase an electric vehicle if we lived in a city.

The trunk space was small!”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Michael & Mary Baim

Michael and Mary Baim standing next to EV

Chevy Bolt Loan – Rob Quint

1. The bolt was updated and certainly had more range.
2. Incredible acceleration and good range.
3. I prefer electric for economy and performance. My vehicle for range.
4. I would buy an EV as a second vehicle. I’m not ready for another vehicle at this time.

Chevy Bolt Loan – Jason Briggs

“First time driving an EV I thought: Is it on? Put it in drive and it started moving, so I guess so. Then I put the pedal down and thought…woah!! This little thing scoots! After driving it for a week I see what all the fuss is about. Earlier model EVs I always thought were ugly but they actually look pretty good nowadays. Not having to go to a gas pump all week felt amazing! I’m definitely more likely to purchase an EV after having lived with one for a week. It would be a great car for around here. The only issue I have is that I take lots of long road trips where charging would be a hassle I think. But the BOLT would be perfect for staying around CO I think. I’m sure battery technology will only improve and so will the range with EV’s. I’d be really interested if someone came out with a van/cargo van EV.”

Chevy Bolt Loan – Frank Kugel

Frank Kugel standing next to EV“I want to thank you and GCEA for the opportunity to use the Chevrolet Bolt for a week. The Bolt was a pleasant surprise, offering impressive acceleration and considerable range between charges. The car was quiet and had a comfortable ride and good handling. I would definitely consider an electric vehicle when purchasing my next car. Thanks again to GCEA for offering this benefit to its customers.”