Lineworker School

Lineworker Tasks

three lineman standing outsideElectric lineworkers:

  • Install and repair cables or wires used in electrical power or distribution systems
  • Locate line trouble
  • Climb poles
  • Use hot line tools
  • Operate and maintain substations

Mesa Hotline School

Mesa Hotline School serves as a model for providing training for privately owned and non-profit companies. The program prepares students to work for power line construction and utility companies and includes instruction in just about every type of line work that will be faced on the job. This includes learning basic skills in electricity, linework installation, repair, cable splicing, and system testing, as well as transformer connections, underground electric installation, and effective operation of digger derricks. All students are required to obtain a Red Cross First Aid card and a CPR card before a certificate is issued.

Western Colorado Community College

The Electric Lineworker program covers all areas of training needed for those who desire to become an apprentice electric lineman. Students learn the basic skills in the study of electricity, the fundamentals of electric line work and transformer connections, and underground repair and installation. The Electric Lineworker program operates within an indoor and outdoor, hands-on electric training facility with classrooms on site.

Rocky Mountain Lineman School

Colorado Springs Utilities has partnered with Trinidad State College and Pikes Peak Community College to offer utility linework training to approximately 25 students each year. Students will learn the skills and values utility companies seek when hiring apprentice linemen, including a strong work ethic, good attitude, dependability, and climbing experience.