History Timeline


Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) Incorporated

GCEA was incorporated on 9/21/1938.


First Lines Energized

On 12/6/1941 the first GCEA lines were energized in Crested Butte.


CREA Formed

In 1945, Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA) formed. CREA is a statewide association in which GCEA is a member.


GCEA Purchases Lake City Power Co.

In 1957, GCEA purchases Lake City Power Company


GCEA joins Colorado Ute Electric

In 1962, GCEA joins Colorado Ute Electric to provide electric power supply needs.


Board of Director Districts Created

In 1968, GCEA Board of Director Districts were created.


Service Provided to Taylor Park and Tincup

In 1974, GCEA began to provide electric service in Taylor Park and Tincup.


Energy Conservation Loan Program Established

In 1981, GCEA established the Energy Conservation Loan Program. This was the first of its kind in Colorado, and the 3rd of its kind in the nation.


Deregulation from Colorado Public Utilities Commission

In 1983, Membership voted to become deregulated from Colorado Public Utilities Commission.


First Retirement of Patronage Capital

In 1987, GCEA released its first retirement of Patronage Capital (Capital Credits) back to it’s Members.


GCEA Becomes Member of Tri-State G&T

In 1992, GCEA becomes a Member of Tri-State G&T following the Colorado Ute Electric bankruptcy.


GCEA Establishes Green Power Program

In 1999, GCEA established its Green Power Program.


PV Systems Donated to Local Schools

In 2006/2007, GCEA donated Photovoltaic system to local area schools.


Doyleville Wind Project Constructed

In 2010, GCEA completed construction on a wind power demonstration project built in Doyleville.


First Community Solar Garden Energized

In 2014, the first Community Solar Garden was energized.


First EV Station Energized

In 2015, the first EV charging station was energized in Crested Butte.


GCEA Offers EV Test Drives

In 2016, GCEA began offering EV test drives to its Members.


EV Loaner Program

In 2017, GCEA established its EV Loaner Program. This is the first of its kind in the nation!


Local Renewable Fund

In 2018, GCEA started the Local Renewable Fund to help members support local renewable energy projects.


PowerWise Pledge™

Starting January 1, 2022, GCEA invites members to take the PowerWise Pledge™ and help support local efforts to reduce harmful carbon emissions.

Taking the PowerWise Pledge™ will show your financial commitment to supporting GCEA’s efforts to develop local renewable projects and by electrifying where possible through beneficial electrification.