Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight of Gunnison County Electric Association’s (GCEA’s) business affairs and for setting the association’s strategic direction. The Board consists of seven local resident directors elected from the members by the members. GCEA’s service territory is divided into six districts with one director elected from each of the districts. The seventh director is an at-large representative. Directors are elected by the entire membership and each serves alternating three-year terms.

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Board members can be contacted via the online contact submission form, sending written correspondence to GCEA at P.O. Box 180, Gunnison, CO 81230, or by calling Executive Assistant Sherry Shelton at (970) 641-3520.

The Board hires a Chief Executive Officer to oversee company operations and the current staff of 42 employees.

The Board acts as a body and makes its decisions in open meetings. If you have a specific issue you would like the Board to discuss or act on at an upcoming meeting, please submit your request to Board President Tom Carl using the form below. You may also use this form to provide comments or feedback to any or all of your elected directors.

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