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Fighting winter chills?

A crackling fire in the hearth warms the house, but don't let it heat up your electric bill.


To cool energy costs, keep the fireplace damper closed when not in use. Caulk around the fireplace hearth. Double wood-earned warmth by lowering the thermostat setting between 50 and 55 degrees.

Learn more at EnergySaver.gov


LED light bulbs are a great way to save money on your electricity bill.

LED bulbThey use up to 75% less energy than old, incandescent bulbs.


Save energy by preventing phantom loads - energy that is used by appliances and electronics even when they are turned off.

Phantom Load

Plug TV and stereo systems into a power strip and turn off all the peripherals with the flip of one switch.


Where there's lint, there may be fire. A blocked dryer vent is a fire hazard at worst and an energy waste at best. Keep the vent clean to keep your driver working efficiently.




GCEA offers members several different options for paying electric bills:



Sign up to have your payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings accounts on the bill due date. Once set up, the payments will be re-occurring and your checking or savings account will be charged automatically every month on the bill due date. Download form.



Charge your payment to a credit or debit card. Once set up, the payments will be re-occurring and your credit or debit card will be charged automatically every month on the bill due date. Download form.



Manage your electric account 24/7 by computer, tablet or smart phone with a free online application called SmartHub. With SmartHub, you can make a payment, check your electric usage, communicated directly with GCEA, receive email or text alerts and review weather information. Members can navigate all of these features by simply accessing the customer portal at the following web address: https://gcea.smarthub.coop


To Access Your SmartHub App - Members with smart phone or tablet devices can download the SmartHub app from the Apple Store, Google Play or Android Market. Download your free app today! Please note that there are other apps with similar names, so make sure that you have the right one. Look for the icon pictured to the right above. You can also access the customer portal on your computer by going to https://gcea.smarthub.coop


After installation of SmartHub, search for Gunnison County Electric Association. Log in using your existing account information or register as a new user. To register you will need your account number and the name on your account exactly as printed on your bill statement.


Contact us at www.gcea.coop or call 800-726-3523 if you have any questions about SmartHub.



In addition to the convenience of paying your bill electronically, you may view account information, such as your billing history, payment history, and usage history online. Managing your account online also allows you to view your capital credit history, including all retirement checks that have been issued.


If you have questions about your billing options, please call us at 1-800-726-3523 or email us at billing@gcea.coop.